Women's Bow Handbag
Women’s Bow HandbagWomen’s Bow HandbagWomen’s Bow HandbagWomen’s Bow HandbagWomen’s Bow Handbag

Women’s Bow Shoulder Bag (Green)


  • Premium PU material
  • Shoulder drop style
  • Adjustable strap
  • Green color
  • Imported – 100% AXIXI product
  • 31cm x 24cm x 11cm

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Product Description

Women’s Bow Shoulder Bag (Green) is one of our best selling shoulder bag from Axixi designer. The bag is made from a premium PU (grade A) which gives a smooth touch and classy look. The good thing of PU material is the light weight which can help a bag designer to create the light weight handbag. (This bag is about 0.33 Kg which you would comfortably carry it around.) This bow shoulder bag comes with a shoulder drop style with an adjustable strap. The bag is perfect for both day and night activities when you want to have a trendy sense for your pleasure day. The bow shoulder bag is also available in green, black and pink color.


Additional Information

Weight .33 kg


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